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Download Equalizer for HTC Free

A big part of us use our Android to play music, but with the number of different devices and the differences in quality between them, we can find that the sound quality is not exactly what we expected.

To help us have an improvement in this aspect we bring Equalizer , an application that will help us improve the sound quality of our devicewithout being root , a requirement that most applications of this type have. You can optimize the sound through the different presets it includes, or if you need it and think it’s convenient, add effects.

Equalizer includes an  equalizer, something evident seeing his name, which allows us to regulate each of the different bands separately, but if you think this is not your thing, it is better to choose a preset.

Equalizer widgets available in different sizes and skins to change their appearance. It is also free so you have no excuse not to download it.

Download Equalizer for HTC Free

Download Dolphin Browser for HTC Sensation Wildfire Flyer

Enjoy  Dolphin Browser for Android full version  without ads! This application is for users who frequently use their mobile web browser. After using  Dolphin Browser HD will notice the difference with other browsers such as Opera and Chrome. Dolphin Browser is optimized for mobile HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, iPhone and terminals with Android browser. It is very simple to install and if you wish, you can uninstall it afterwards in a simple way. Thank you for your support and recognition in the Dolphin Browser for HTC.

Dolphin Browser for Android you can download for the following HTC phones: HTC Sensation, Wildfire, Flyer, Incredible, ChaChaCha, HD7, Desire, Gratia, Mozart, Radar, Titan, among others.

Everyme for HTC Free Download

Today we bring Everyme,  a social network, which after passing through iOS, has come to Android and whose main characteristic is that it is private, your profile will only exist for people who are within your social network: your family, your friends . A social network only available for your nearest environment.

Everyme could be considered broadly, as a Whatsapp but with social networking features, you only have in your network contacts that interest you and only they can see what you share without third parties, something does happen on other networks Social networks like Facebook.

And although we must clarify that not everyone has access to what you post on Facebook, it is also true that this only happens if you set Minimally security options this social network, something which, as a rule, does virtually no And are the ones who most complain about the little privacy of Facebook.

Everyme has two different interfaces, one adapted for smartphones and one for tablets. The tablet is more complete because, thanks to the larger screens, can see everything without moving too by the application.

Everyme has its own I like , but instead of these two words used other two that really serve to express the same thing:   I love .

Download Hide It Pro for HTC Free

If you like privacy and want to prevent other people (friends, siblings, novi @) have access to certain files on your Android device, today we bring you the perfect app, your name is Hide It Pro.

With  Hide It Pro  you can hide all types of files from prying eyes, whether images, audio, video … and if you’re root, you can hide even applications and games.

To prevent anyone from knowing that you have installed this application, the app itself is renamed by the Audio Manager. Next to the icon of Audio Manager you will find two more, called File Manager, application with which you will be able to edit and delete the files stored in Hide It Pro, and Encryption, which allows you to manage a system of passwords for files. Although the latter option is somewhat complex to use, it is the most effective, and with a little practice, you will see that it will have been worth it.

In case you are root and you want to hide applications, just click on the icon Hide Apps and choose the apps you do not want anyone to see except you.

Download Hide It Pro for HTC Free

Application 2016

Application for lovers of memes

Since the emergence of the famous Cule Cabrón website among others, the way to use the internet has changed drastically for many people. For those who do not know, this site is about mood , leisure and all related to the famous memes .

Today we present a application for Android perfect for lovers of humor and visitors much Cabrón daily.

The application is called ModFACE and what it does mainly is memetizar pictures of real life, that is, with this application the user can edit their photos to transform it into a meme, such as change the face of the famous meme Trollface.

The application is free and can be downloaded here: ModFACE App

Anti Terror Force Terrorist Game for HTC Evo

Eliminate all terrorists as a member of the anti-terrorist army, One of the best free shooting games available on Google Play. The main mission is to defeat all evil criminals before they end up with you.

Will you be so good as to eliminate them all? Choose between varis weapons such as pistols, rifles and machine guns. With a rating of 4.4 out insurance it is of the best games available for mobile HTC . The authors have left the game for free but it is mandatory to receive advertising in order to play it. If you like shooting games do not hesitate to download it and be part of the half million players.

Download: Anti Terror Force

Camera ZOOM FX for Android HTC Sensation Desire Wildfire

Camera Zoom FX for Android Powerful Camera for HTC:


● Optical / digital zoom (up to 6x)
● Flash (if available)
● Front camera (if available)
● Customization of ALL hardware buttons
eg: Volume buttons to control zoom, trackball to take the picture.
● Live preview some effects
● Silent camera (if device supports)
● Modify device options: autofocus, white balance, night shot …
● Send and share your shots.
● Upload images with 1 click to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc … At the same time!
● Customizable overprint grids

You can download free Camera ZOOM FX for Android.  Zoom Camera for HTC you can install terminals as HTC Sensation, Desire, Wildfire, Explorer, Incredible, Mozart, Trophy, HD 2, HD 7, One S and HTC Radar.

Cartoon Wars free for Android

Cartoon Wars is a game that was recently released on the Android platform and has caused great impact among the users.

Cartoon Wars is the typical game arcade classic, in which the player will have hours and hours of entertainment and fun guaranteed. The game basically pass levels or maps, fighting against all kinds of opponents, whether dragons, ninjas or spectra.

We must also say that Cartoon Wars has many other functions, such as endless mode, in which there is no limit and where the player demonstrates his skills by controlling the character and surpassing levels.

Cartoon Wars is a game completely free and you can download by clicking here.

Download Babycenter for HTC Free

BabyCenter HTC is one of the new applications that have been created and are confident that you liked alot as well as being very practices are very simple to use, this application allows you to keep a detailed control of your time of gestation and besides that you Presents real-time images of your baby’s evolution.

Undoubtedly one of the greatest joys for a mother is to know that everything concerning this baby is fine and this is one of the best options you can take into account to do so.

The application Babycenter Android has a huge database so you can clarify any doubts that you may arise at any stage of your pregnancy, the graphics of this application are very good at if you ensure that the experience you will be First level, Babycenter is available in more than 8 languages ​​and you should not have any problems when using it, we hope you take this recommendation into account since you can download it from Google Play for free so you can take control Of your pregnancy.

Download ? Babycenter for HTC Free

Download ClipSync for HTC Free

Have you ever wanted to copy and paste Android text in Windows, from Windows to Android or from Android to Android? . Today we bring you the application that does it all, his name is  ClipSync and also makes it very simple to synchronize form  automatically the Android clipboard with the Windows clipboard.

When I first read the description of ClipSync , I was not quite sure what he was doing. There are a lot of applications that allow you to share things between your device and your computer, some with more success than others, but usually are complicated to configure and use.

Its use is simple, just install the client application on the computer and the corresponding application on the Android terminal. Then just tell the Android app to look for a server and found the PC on the spot. Once it is executed, what makes ClipSync is to synchronize the Windows clipboard. So what copies in one device, you can paste on the other.

Download ClipSync for HTC Free
Download ClipSync for HTC Free