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Download Hamburguesa for HTC Free

In addition to smartphones and technology do you like cooking? Well you’re in luck, today we bring you a game that is sure you will like, his name is Burger, yes sure you imagine what this is, and the aim is none other than to serve all orders that make you at a given time.

As in all jobs, in the world of hamburgers first you need to have a training course and here they will teach you how to make the hamburger according to the order.

As you go through levels you can unlock new achievements and get new accessories in the menu, such as soft drinks and potatoes, which will make ordering difficult. But the difficulty is not only to complete the orders but you must put each ingredient in the correct order, if you make a mistake, the hamburger will disappear and you should start over.

Download Jack Pott The Great Escape for HTC Free

Today we bring  Jack Pott The Great Escape  is a modern and stylish game races where you have to escape from a series of police vehicles.

Jack Pott The Great Escape is a visually simpler version of Reckless Getaway Polarbit but with extra weapons and items that make it even more interesting. The game takes place from an aerial view, unlike the original Grand Theft Auto game.

Essentially, your objective is to destroy a certain number of police cars to complete each level. As you progress, levels are becoming more and more difficult as the police get faster and drive better. Right now it is where is appreciated that has some important elements such as bombs that can drop to explode when a car collision with them, oil stains to make them skidding addition, there is a bonus that gives you a shield that protects you during A short period of time.

But our life is finite, so you can lose the game if you make mistakes frequently. In short, a game with very simple but very well compensated for their sound graphics, the gameplay and amount of levels available .

Download Jukebox for Android Free

Android stands for many things, and one of them is the large number of applications available for music, either off-line or online. If you are someone who uses your HTC primarily, other than to call, of course, to listen to music, sure you will like the application we bring you today: Jukebox .

Jukebox is an app with which you can listen to music on your HTC Android and keeps your music in the cloud , which you have your music anywhere, anytime, even on other devices.

You can sync music from your PC to your Android to be available in the cloud or simply copy it to your device so you can hear it in off-line and avoid eating your data rate.

But the characteristics of Jukebox are not limited to sync your music files, but you can also do the same with your playlists, you value them

The current version of Jukebox is just a beta , so do not be surprised if you notice some problems. To use the application is required to register on their website: , allowing you tostore up to 1000 songs for free, and download the Windows application that lets you synchronize.

Download Ninja Fishing for HTC Free

Today we bring you a game with which we can have a good time, his name is Ninja Fishing , where you have to start choosing, on a map, the area where you want to start fishing, once you have chosen is the Time to start fishing, at that moment, the hook will come down and you must move your smartphone from side to side to avoid that they bite the fish so that you arrive at the deepest of the sea that you can.

Once you get as low as possible or pique the first fish, you must raise the hook and try to bite as many fish before the hook reaches the surface.

When you take the bait, you, or rather your character, ninja, will very strongly, so that the fish will fly through the air, and at that time when you will have to cut all taking advantage of their qualities and so Then have a good sushi plate.

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